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By moving the ball alternately in and out, you can improve horizontal ball control skills, enhance players' ball-handling abilities during matches, and boost confidence and efficiency.

The Skills Mat utilizes high-quality materials with non-slip properties such as rubber, PVC, or PU. Its high-density and non-slip surface provide unparalleled durability and cushioning. When the soccer training mat gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned, and the mat's backing features a special structure, ensuring stability and safety during use.

The Skills Mat features a versatile design that allows players to customize and collaborate on training. It is an essential training tool for coaches and players alike.


  • Size: 90×60×0.6CM

  • Material: Rubber + Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

  • Packing: OPP bag

  • Weight: 1.12Kg

Skills Matは、プレーヤーがカスタマイズし、協力してトレーニングすることができる汎用性の高いデザインです。コーチやプレーヤーに必須のトレーニングツールです。
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